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Our Team

Our school needs far more than teachers* that are educating children. On a single school day, students* are in touch with about 200 persons moving through ailses, classrooms or functional rooms in the Leopoldschule. Therefore, it needs more professional groups to cope with this constant exchange.

In the Leopoldschule, we have to cope with many different tasks. The building has to be cleaned and maintained in a timely matter, office work has to be organised, students’ lunches have to be prepared and the students* are taught and taken care of. Last but not least, it is the responsibility of the school management to organise all these different segments.

Janitors*, cleaners*, educators*, pre-school teachers*, teachers*, free time pedagogues*, school medical service, civil service, kitchen staff* or head teacher* – with our dedication, we provide a secure and successful learning environment for our students.

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Leopoldsgasse 3, 1020 Wien
01 2147080